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November 8th, 2006

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10:33 am - ZOMG

Ok, so, I've noticed this acronym being used a lot over the last few years. I know what OMG means. But I wanted to know what ZOMG means. I guess you all know what I did next. That's right, I researched it. I managed to find not one, but quite a few meanings and origins of this acronym.

1. The first one, and probably the most common one is that ZOMG is nothing more than a variation on OMG. The Z does not stand for anything.

2. It is generally used in a sarcastic manner, more often than not a humiliating fashion. It is also used as a device for stating the obvious.

3. ZOMG originated from the imageboard 4chan.org and one of it's members Zardoz.

4. The "z" was originally a mistake while attempting to hit the shift key with the left hand, and type "OMG"

5. Used to either make fun of people who say OMG and LOL, or express Over-excitement. ZOMG originated as a typo of OMGZ (Oh my Godz) being said too fast and having the Z be put first.

6. How thirty-year-olds that live with their moms say OMG

7. It is a a version of omg that mocks it, being that you can accidentaly hit the z key when trying to hit the left shift key for OMG, from there it developed into an acronym to mock the entire online/l33t language

8. The more cool way of saying OMG or OMFG. It just sounds better if you use it in a real life conversation. Can be said as Zee-o-em-ge or Z-om-guh.

9. Comes from omg; however, players in world of warcraft got tired screaming omg (o-m-g) thus the "z" appeared making the world of warcraft players very happy: zoh-my-god!!!

10. An expression of extreme shock, surprise or sarcasm used primarily in internet or Romanized 1337 speak.

13. A social experiment started by Matthew Milan (Rick_Feynman) and James Curbo (hannibal)in January 2003 to explore methods of speading and popularizing internet memes. It was also a mocking jab at people who practiced "leet-speak".
Originally meant to be a more intense version of 'OMG' - who knows what it means now.
Originally 'launched' in two places, the Toronto Raptors Usenet Group and the Raspberry Heaven Direct Connect hub. From there it spread into the anime fan-subbing community, the Something Awful forums and the 4-chan Image Boards.

14. Coming from starcraft where people used to say ''Zergling rush omg!'' and turned into ZOMG because people are just really really lazy.

15. OMG, but in zombie form

16. a ZIT!!!!!!!oh my god!

So there you have it. The meaning and origin behind ZOMG.

Ok, well that's it for now. Thanks for reading.

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Date:March 27th, 2008 04:22 am (UTC)
you know, this is a very old old entry, but I was just recently googling my user name and I wanted to point out something too, in case you haven't figured it out already. The most common key to use while capitalizing letters or what not, without using the caps-lock key is to use the shift key on the left side. What key is next to that particular shift? The 'z' key! So, really, what happens is that in a fit of... "OMG", the 'z' gets added.


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